Als Erste Rein, Als Letzte Raus!

"FIRST IN, LAST OUT!"  The motto of the 5th SS "Wiking" re-enactment unit, the largest living history & World War Two re-enactment unit of the World War II Historical Re-Enactment Society (WWIIHRS) based in Midwest USA. Our members are from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Southern Wisconsin, and Ontario. This site is dedicated to all World War II Re-enactors and 5th SS "Wiking" World War 2 living history. If you are interested in 5th SS "Wiking" World War 2 re-enacting or just a history buff of the period, this site is for you!  We will try to provide you one of the best sources of information about events, equipment and weapons, along with real historical data.

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Disclaimer: This website, anyone involved in its creation, or members of re-enactment groups listed here are in no way affiliated with real, radical political organizations (i.e., KKK, Aryan Nation, American Nazi Party, etc.) and do not embrace the philosophies and actions of the original NSDAP (Nazi party). We wholeheartedly condemn the atrocities that made them infamous. May the victims of these unspeakable horrors rest in peace. 2/SS Panzer Pionier Battailon 5 "Wiking" is a chartered member of the WWII Historical Re-enactment Society, Inc. 2

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Imgage Disclaimer: The Sonnenrad rune (as shown at left) is an ancient Viking (Nordic) symbol of the sun, not to be confused with the Hakenkreuz (Swastika, which is also an ancient runic symbol of good fortune). The Sonnerand rune was used to identify the Wiking Division we portray in historic reenactments and was in no way a political symbol like the Hakenkreuz (Swastika). 2/SS Pzr. Pi. Btl. 5 "Wiking" is a chartered member of the WWII Historical Re-enactment Society, Inc. 2

  • Ein Heller und ein Batzen - Heidi Heido2:53

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5th Ss "Wiking" Re-enactment Unit


Roger "Harro" Wilsdorf

April 16th, 1971


April 2nd, 2015


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